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D License Course

Class D License:

Any truck or motor vehicle combination exceeding 11,000 kg, provided the towed vehicle is not over 4,600 kg. Class D license holders may also drive a vehicle in Class G. A Class D license does not permit you to drive a bus carrying passengers, a motorcycle, or a moped.
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D Course Details

$879 + HST (Total 9 Hours)

(Additional training hours may be required depending on skill level)

Additional D License Information

To begin a career in commercial truck driving, you must obtain your Ontario Class A or Class D Truck Driver’s License. The type of commercial truck driving license you need depends on:

  • The weight of the vehicle
  • The weight of the towed vehicle
  • Combined weight of the vehicle and towed vehicle
  • Whether the vehicle is a tractor-trailer
  • Whether or not the vehicle is equipped with air brakes

The D License is most commonly used for driving fire trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, straight trucks and cement trucks.

Source: Ministry of Transportation

Our driving center is located at 1748 Bath Road, Kingston, Ontario. Although located in Kingston, we help drivers from all across Eastern Ontario secure their Class D License.

The Class D License needs to be renewed every 5 years when you are under the age of 80. At this time, you will also be subject to a knowledge test, vision test and to submit a medical report. When you are older than 80 years old, you are required to perform your knowledge test and vision test

If you are under the age of 46, you are required to submit a medical report every 5 years. If you are between the ages of 46 and 64, you are required to submit a medical report every 3 years. If you are over the age of 64, you need to submit a medical report every year.

Source: Ministry of Transportation

Access Truck Training is a Canadian driving school that is owned and operated by a former MTO drive test examiner. We take the time during each of our training sessions to set a solid foundation for your commercial driving skills. Your practical training will be done in a step-by-step process to ensure you remember key info and pass your tests. You will get all the knowledge you need to excel in your career after you work with Access Truck Training.

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